It’s Monday and rainy, though it has eased up a bit.  Last week was pretty laid back catching up on some things. I had a session I was looking to shoot at a local bar that I had to move to this upcoming weekend. Check up on my instagram for more about that later in the week.

Every Wednesday you can look forward to my Wordless Wednesday posts.  It’s simply one of my favorite photo! You can find my first two —–>Here.  Don’t forget every Wednesday a new one will be live.

Looking forward to some of the people I’ve worked with in the past and currently working with to share their experiences about working with me and sharing a little about themselves on the site.  I’ve worked with some pretty cool folks so why not let them share a little about themselves.

Go check out my first post with Lainey.  Its part one of two which should be up later this week or early next week. We shot two different outfits on the day we went out.  Maybe I can get her to share a little about herself on part two, fingers crossed as I hope she has a little time during this busy time of year, but if not maybe after the year end celebrations. Here a sneak peek of her second out.

Hmmm, I see you…

Meet Tamara & Donnie, they are the ones in my header images, so of course I had to write and share some of their images we did, around Lower East Side.

Working a new on going feature #RandomStrangerPortriat posts.  I come across some awesome folks during my photo session and will get them in front of the camera and snap a few images.  So I’ll be bring those to you on their own posts.  First one is here

This week was week two of the Vintage Trains which I didn’t get a chance to attend. Had a function to tend to.  I did go out the first week with a fun group. Here’s a quick peak of one the images from that session, which took place on the train and  also on location on NYC streets.  Currently booking group sessions for those interested, send me a note, and I’ll help you put it together.

The Gang is all here!

Since don’t often find myself in front of the camera here’s a photo of me.  I just got new cut, took a moment to shot a new one.

Me, myself, and I