Impromptu outting

I met Marcela a few weeks ago at a photography workshop and we stayed in touch since. We’ve been trying to make time to just go out and do some shooting.  She shoots landscapes mostly and has been looking to get into portraits and working with lighting. I on the other hand, shoot mostly portraits with lighting with very little landscapes.

We’ve made several plans but things fell through, for one reason or another. This past Saturday we had arranged to go shooting and Marcella had a friend coming to be our model. We agreed to meet up and shoot, at 8pm around St Marks Place.

I met Marcel at St Marks Place &  Third Ave. Her friend was running late so we decided to get going and start shooting and we’d be each other’s model.  We headed down St Marks Place towards Seconds Ave and found some cool steps we both like.  It had no traffic coming and going so we wouldn’t be in anyone’s way.

BTS Marcela shooting Virginia

We began shooting and, I went through lighting ideas as this is new for Marcela. I tend to take a trouble shooting approach vs this is what you do when showing others.  We shot a few and figured out together what happened and why, and went about fixing and tweaking the image.  When a random stranger caught my attention.  Virginia was in a very good mood and extremely cheerful.  I asked if she wouldn’t mind jumping in front of the camera for a few photos.  She agreed and I let Marcela work with her before taking some photos of Virginia myself.

Can’t stop smiling…


Marcela’s friend arrived shortly afterwards and we went about shooting. We shoot for a bit with her friend by the stairs but soon moved onto an idea Marcela wanted to try using neon lights in image as a source of light.  We had a bunch of options given the area, it was just about picking the best spot where we wouldn’t be in the way.



When we set up for neon light images it began to rain so after a few shoots we ended up at a local bar called, The fish bar located on 237 E 5th St where with permission we continued to shooting.  We ended up shooting in the bathroom where there’s only space for one but some how all three of us ended up in there.  Most of those images were taken by Marcela, after a drink and a few more shots, I ask some ladies if they wouldn’t mind me snapping a few photos to which they were fine with.  All in all a very random evening but fun filled.

Night with Marcela Shooting

Don’t forget to like, share and comment with what you think.  Do go check out Dee at, The Fish Bar if you are in the area.

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Kendra (model in blue)—–>@dropsmic

Virginia (Ms Giggles) —–> @mystcuriosity 


For my gear heads. Lighting used two cactus rf60 one on camera and the other as you would expect in the modifier.  I have cactus V6 but for some reason it’s been acting up. More on that in a future post when I first ran into trouble with it.  Modifier used was phottix luna beauty dish. I shot with Nikon D750 and Marcela with Nikon D3.



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