Vintage Classic Subway

Classic train, vintage clothing session

The year end Holidays are upon us.  That means MTA Nostalgia trains will be running soon. Schedule has been updated on website—> Here   They generally run after Thanksgiving through to right before the New Year each Sunday.  They run along the Second ave F train line from Manhattan into Queens.  You get to ride some of the classic trains from years past.  It’s fun riding on a train with wicker seating, or actual ceiling fans.  These trains are as is, which include advertisement from the period which shows just how much things have changed. Before I even picked up a camera I would check it out as folks would come out all decked out in vintage clothing. So naturally after I picked up a camera capturing that would be on my todo list.  The first few years after I began shooting I’d just go and shoot, but last year I reach out to Lainey about doing an actual session.

She got several others fellow friends/ dancers together to join the session. Adrienne, Rafal, and Adam who was visiting at the time.

NYC Vintage Classic train ride

It was my first time meeting and shooting with a group, as well as first time working with Lainey.  We’ve since have done other work together, I’ll share work from those session at a later point.  Right now just awaiting this year’s train schedule.

Morning paper
Hang on!!!

If you are interested in setting up a train ride photo session lets schedule something.  Reach out and drop me a line—>Here

If you haven’t seen it yet go check out part one of my last session with Lainey—>Here

Find Adrienne Weidert instructing at You should be dancing Studios NYC–profile —>Here Instagram @flapdancer

You can find Lainey Silver as well at YSBD Studios profile—> Here Instagram @lindylainey

You can find Rafal also at YSBD Studios profile—> Here Instagram @rafaloffthelog

Adam can be found on instagram @thehauseofhop

I’ll be sharing more about each of these awesome folks in later post and I have images of them to share with their always stylish wears!!!

If you’d like to see more from the train ride head on over to Facebook Page . Don’t forget, if you like then hit the like button, and if you really like it do share with other, both on here and on my facebook page.


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