Love Wins: Tamara & Donnie

Meet Tamara and Donnie.  This was my first time working with Tamara and shooting a couple session that wasn’t an actual couple. Before this, any couples I had shoot had been during a family session.  Usually Mom’s and Dad’s are focused on making sure images of the kids are done,  and they don’t plan to be in front of the camera with just them, so I have to push for them to take some photos.  I partnered Tamara with Donnie who I know and have worked with once before as a model and was a former co-worker several years ago. I thought his fashion style and personality would work well with Tamara.  We went with a shopping date theme.  I partnered with local store Askan to let them change outfits and capture some images.  Askan is located on Orchard St—>Here


We shoot around Lower East Side and used Orchard St, as it is closed to car traffic on Sunday’s and that is also where Askan is located.  We happend upon store front that just fell in line with the theme.  Funny is right after we finished shooting in front of the store and was moving on the store was being opened up.  So if ended up being perfect timing for us.


Special shout out to

If you are interested in shooting and booking a session with my head on over to my contact page and send me a message, and lets get to planning!!!!  Currently booking group sessions for NYC Vintage Classic train ride.

For the photographer folks do head on over to my Tumblr page where I will begin sharing more behind the scenes from photography aspect.  You are more than welcome to ask me questions there as well.



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