Random Strangers

When I’m out and about shooting on location, I try to maintain a low profile, or as low as one can be with a light stand and sometimes a helper or maybe one or two models setting up for a shot.  I tend to avoid any major streets or crowded area because I don’t want to bother other people or attract to much attention.  Often though I will get folks who are curious and approach me as to what I’m doing and who is  it that I’m shooting.  I guess the fact that at any time and place you can run into someone famous encourages folks to wanting to know if they are in the presence of someone famous.  Sorry to disappoint but I have  reached that rock star status, yet.  Other times I’ll see someone out the corner of my eyes slow down from their normal pace to see what is going on.

The coolest part is New Yorkers have some awesome style and personality so, I will take time to chat to folks and often time attempt to get them in front of the camera.  Any of the models I have shot with will tell you I will replace them in a heart beat, with a willingly random stranger for a few shoots.  Surprisingly most will jump in front of the camera and let me snap a few images.  I do tell them for them to get their images I need them to email me.  I don’t take their information. When they email I send them their photos along with a Big thanks for their time. At times I have had folks who haven’t emailed me or isn’t even interest in getting their photos back but I guess it is what it is.

This will be a ongoing series of just those types of images along with a little back story about the image and maybe the subject depending on how much we chatted.  For the time being here are some of my past #randomStrangers.



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