It’s like Tinder…

First guest post via @becfordyce, it was definitely fun shooting with her and putting our session together pretty much the night before!
Going on a photo shoot with a photographer you have been “set up” with by Instagram is kind of like a Tinder date.
You judge setting up a photo shoot like you would if you were to get a match.  You obviously like the look of their photos to instigate a conversation.  It is an even bigger plus is there is a mutual connection there.  This was the case with Matt.
A photographer I collaborate with – Nuno Da Silva ( tagged me in an Instagram post tag by @nycastle.  Being a model who has worked in a few different countries – I do go a lot by word of mouth recommendations.  I love Nuno’s work – and he is terrific to shoot with – so it was a no brainer to reach out to Matt.
The next thing I factor into setting up a shoot (just like one would on tinder) – is to see how a photographer writes.  A good grasp of grammar and a level of formality is always a plus upon initial contact.  Matt and I had a good flow – so the next obvious thing was to go ahead and set up a shoot.
We agreed to meet on the Lower East Side to shoot the next morning.  Like a Tinder date – you now hope for the best…
I loved that Matt asked to see outfit ideas before the shoot. It meant that he was thinking ahead about the locations we were going to shoot in. Coming from an acting background – I love storytelling through the clothes I wear.  When it comes to my fashion inspiration – I’m really influenced by women in rock and roll at the moment. Upon a recent trip back to my home city – (Sydney, Australia) I was gifted some amazing vintage pieces from my mother.  A 1950’s mink coat (first look) and a lace dress I used to own in the 90’s from a store called The Tree of Life (second look). Both looks are very much a nod to Stevie Nicks.
We bantered back and forth by text so he could get a glimpse of my personality too – which is very important for portrait photography.
We have a very similar work ethic.  I like that for the portrait shoot – we had a very free flow.  Matt has a fantastic eye.  We both love street art – and the grunginess of the Lower East Side/Chinatown area.
We played around on the top of dumpsters (doesn’t sound glam – but it was so much fun!) covered in street art for the first location.  I was also given the opportunity to let my inner child out too! I climbed up the fire escape and watched the world go by on a Saturday morning.
Climbing…BTS with Bec!
I loved how much the neutral colors I was wearing popped against the bright background when Matt showed me what we were working with.
The next 2 locations were on a back street in Chinatown.  We found one really cool spot with some open space and a chained off wire fence – and another with a payphone.  There were some really strong images from that set.
I see you…
The highlight of the shoot was with the second look.  The black lace dress is a real showpiece when you show off the details on the skirt.  We caught the attention of some Chinatown locals – who were awestruck by Matt and I at work.
I don’t know if they thought I was a kook or if I was some kind of celebrity. (Most likely option A – wishful thinking option B).  There was a bit of a language barrier between the man and woman we met.  Matt was kind enough to take photos of me with them on their smartphones.
Matt really turned the tables on them when he invited them to come in and pose for a few photos for our session.

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The woman politely declined, but ended up jumping in for one, and of course the man ended up getting in for a shot or two!  It was a good laugh.
Such a fantastic morning to shoot on before the weather really starts to get cold!  I was so thrilled to work with a very laid-back, yet focused photographer.
I’m looking forward to collaborating with Matt in the future! If this is what he is capable of creating on an unplanned shoot – just imagine what he will be achieving on a concept shoot!

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To learn more about my work – you can visit my website, check me out on IMDb at  For the more fun stuff – my instagram @becfordyce shares all my love of acting, punk rock, metal and all things weird.


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